Erato Muse 5 Quick Review

Not photography related at all but I love gadgets. Here is a quick review of the Muse 5 by Erato, wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

The Muse 5 is a Indiegogo backed product released by Erato. It is not their product, their first being the Apollo 7 which was a relative success. Since their first product was successful, I decided to trust them and fund their latest product the Muse 5, a less premium looking less expensive alternative to their first product. After a few frustrating delays and missing their promised deadline, the first backers received their Muse 5 late December including myself. If I am not mistaken, to this date, many backers are still waiting theirs.

Anyhow, I will not let this decide how I review this product as this is irrelevant to the quality of the product. For which I must say, it is just above acceptable. Mainly, its great sounds and good design is marred by inconsistent connectivity issues.

The product itself comes in a great box. The whole thing is well packaged and full of different ear attachments to cater to all ear sizes. My ears are unusually small, yet I could find the perfect combination for my ears. Speaking of which, the earbuds, although made of cheap plastic, are well designed to hold very well. I would not be afraid to run with them or even dance like drugged maniac. The plastic may feel cheap but this also made them very light, you barely feel their weight. The biggest flaw in its design are its buttons. They may be big but are very difficult to press and in many times the Muse 5 stayed unresponsive because I had not clicked it right.

The earbuds comes with a charging case. They also serve as chargers and can hold some juice to charge the earbuds on the go. It is also made of similar materials as the buds and is also very light. The case itself can be charged through micro-usb which is very convenient. And they charge very quickly too, not QC but this not necessary for its small batteries. Speaking of batteries, they last several hours. I have not had the chance to test its durability since I use them in short bursts but I doubt it is an issue.

Erato Muse 5 Review
Erato Muse 5 Review

I am not an audio expert but I can fairly say these are not the best earbuds I have used. The bass responsive is ok and the highs are just acceptable but you cannot and should not expect much for small bluetooth earbuds and it would be unfair to criticize them especially in this price range. The 3D sounds they highly advertise does not make a huge difference. There has been a small amount of people that say the volume is too low, I have not had this issue on my side.

Many of the first bluetooth earbuds have connectivity issues. Many of them completely lose connections to the point of making them almost unusable. This is not the case with their products. The main reason I bought the Muse 5 was because the Apollo 7 was said to be very consistent with its connectivity. Using the Google Pixel, I have never fully lost connection. However, there were times I would lose one side of the earbud for around a second. This happens often enough to be slightly annoying. This happened to me both outdoors and indoors. Bluetooth is know work better indoors with walls bouncing the signals to help the connection. Another issue is syncing with videos. The earbuds are unusable with Netflix, the audio is out of sync all the time. Erato says this is normal and software updates should fix this problem eventually. Hulu is said not to have those problems but I do not have access to test this.

Would I recommend the Erato Muse 5? At the price of $99 USD I paid backing the product, yes without hesitation. But at the MSRP of $179 for those that did not back this? I would wait for better products that will inevitably come out in 2017.

Erato Muse 5 Review
Erato Muse 5 Review

– Light and fits well for all ear types
– Good sound quality
– Good battery life

– Connectivity issues
– Cheap build material
– High MSRP

Final Score: 7/10