Finding locations for photo shoots

Unfortunately not all of us cannot afford to have our own studio. Even if you did have a studio, you might want to change scenery or the location of your studio might not be suitable for another party. In my case, I like having different sceneries for my shoots.

That said, many options exists for different budgets. Let me go though a couple of options with you guys:

Classifieds ie. Craiglist
A simple search can net you many options for actually studios. Many of them also come with included equipments. People usually charge between $20-$80/hour depending on what is included and of course, how nice the studio is.

This is a very popular choice for boudoir photographers. A bit more expensive than other options because you often need to rent the room for at least 2 days since most hotels only do check-ins after 3pm or 4pm. Feel free to ask for a room with larger windows with the windows facing the afternoon windows if you feel like shooting with natural light!

To book with Breather, you need to download their app on your Android or iPhone. Very simple and easy to use, booking a room usually costs $15-$50/hour. The room decor varies a lot so that is a great plus. A downside to Breather is that it is not available in most cities and you have to be quick booking the room as the popular ones get booked really quickly.


Breather works great for short term but if you need a whole day and the hotel option is not right for you than Airbnb might be the right fit. Endless options and from my experience, most renters do not mind their pad being used for photography. Just make intentions clear when you ask for the booking and also explains a early morning check-in would be very helpful.


I personally tried all options and now mostly use Breather and Airbnb. Feel free to share what you use!

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