Finding new models

We all have to start somewhere. One this first part of series on models, I will list quick tips to find new models for your own portfolio. These are the methods I have used and today, I do not have much difficulties finding new models.

  1. Before you find new models, you need a portfolio. How does one start if they do not have a portfolio already? Easiest and cheapest method is to find a pretty friend or family member to pose for you. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to shoot with models even before having a portfolio but don’t hope on that. What you must not do ever is to find pictures online and use them as your own to have a fake portfolio. Many photographers do this for some odd reason but do not ever do this.
  2. Now you have a small portfolio. Most likely not a very good one but you have one. That is when you start looking into directories of models like ModelMayhem. Be professional in your approach and states your intentions clearly and sooner or later, you will find someone that accepts. Of course this is harder if you live in smaller cities. You can also attempt to find models on classifieds like Craiglist. Here is a sample message you can use to approach models:Hi,I am a portrait photographer and I noticed hour profile. I would really love to collaborate with you on a shoot. The theme will be ***** and the shoot will take place *****. This would be to complement my portfolio and I hope to be able to contribute to yours too with this shoot.Thank you and hope we talk soon!

    Oh of course, if you start charging people, you will never find a model. You are a beginner, get good first.

  3. Rinse and repeat step 2 until you have an amazing portfolio. Share your pictures on your blog, Instagram or any other online method. As you get popular, you can now do casting calls. You can do casting calls on ModelMayhem, I personally find this works best on Instagram. Today, this is how I get most of my models. With a small shoutouts on Instagram, I get many requests to shoot. Even without casting calls, I have people contacting me often to shoot. This method works best for me.

There it is, the steps I took and my secrets to collaborating with more models.

Finding new models

I will update this if things change, but like previously said, I get more than enough contacts now so I doubt I will change my methods.

What do you guys do? Am I missing something that works amazing for you?