Thank you Pete Souza

One photographer I have immense respect for is Pete Souza. Most people do not know who this man is but more of his main subject during the past 8 years: Barrack Obama. It has been a 40 years tradition in which the newly elected president chooses a photographer to follow him during his term(s). Pete Souza was the man for the job for President Obama and he did one amazing job. Thank you Pete Souza.

He successfully portrayed over the 8 years of his presidency what kind of man Barrack Obama is. When people say words pictures are worth thousands of words, his work really gives meaning to that quote. I only hope Trump will select a great photographer like Souza, some doubt this will ever happen unfortunately. Flickr immortalized his works through a public account of all photos that were released to the public. I highly suggest you take the time to appreciate everything and also learn about what a great man Obama is.

Thank you Pete Souza and President Obama, you two deserve all the respects of the world.